"Oldiesfest" Alumni Party 2015

"Oldiesfest" Alumni Party 2015

Institut Sankt Joseph invite alumni to "oldiesfest" 12th June 2015 @6pm

Kim Broström,  

If you have been a student or employee at Institut Sankt Joseph, we invite you to attend the “Oldiesfest” 12th June 2015 @ 6pm.
Book the night in your calendar and come to meet some well-known faces.

More information to follow.

The school organises a dinner for alumni who celebrate their 25 year anniversary this year.

They can sign up via email to tkm@sanktkoseph.dk

Slideshow on ISJ Oldies

YouTube: Invite (in Danish) to Oldiesfesten 2015

YouTube: Images from last year’s Alumni Party Oldiesfesten 2014

The images have been selected from the school archive by Jan Olsen.


URL: https://sanktjoseph.dk/oldiesfest-2015/