We are selling Little Brother lottery tickets

We are selling Little Brother lottery tickets

Buy Little Brother lottery tickets from the students in the primary and middle schools and support 11000 children in foster care.

Kim Broström,  

The sale of Little Brother lottery tickets has started and it is the children in primary and middle school who are selling them. Last year, our school sold the most tickets in the whole country- and we would like to be that school again this year. The money that comes in is a substantial contribution to the work Children’s Aid Day (Børnehjælpsdagen) carries out to provide for 11000 foster children. Moreover, from every ticket sold a small amount will go towards each class’ fund and a new schoolyard, so there are many good reasons to buy a ticket.
In the pictures are the representatives from Children’s Aid Day (Børnehjælpsdagen), who joined us for a big assembly on Monday 20/3 2017, as well as James, who leads the project at the school.

Photo: Hasse Carlberg and Kim Broström

Watch a film on the work Børnehjælpsdagen does here

URL: https://sanktjoseph.dk/vi-saelger-lillebrorlodder/