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English Book Drive

Starting Monday 24 November, Institut Sankt Joseph will be holding an English Book Drive

It is great to walk into an English class and hear students announce, ‘Reading is awesome!’ which is exactly the kind of attitude we want to encourage at Institut Sankt Joseph. To help our students become avid readers we need more English books.

We are conducting a book drive in Week 48 (24-28 November). We will conclude this week-long event with a gathering in the library for the parents and children of the International Bilingual Department on Friday, November 28th, from 15:00-16:30. The aim of our book drive is to collect books to use for students in both the Danish and International Departments. Our goal is to receive 150 books!

Books can be delivered into the bin that will be placed in the hallway between the little gym and the theatre from Monday, November 24th until Friday, November 28th. It is important that books are in good condition. We cannot use magazines, textbooks, encyclopaedias or coloring books.

(Update 13.12.2014) As a result of the wonderful work of students from 2i, Auricia Tama-Sweet and parents from the entire school, Institut Sankt Joseph was able to add over 325 English books to the library.  In addition 3.800 kr.- was raised and donated to UNICEF as a result of the book drive reading project in the international department´s 2i class.)


Many thanks for your help and happy reading!

Auricia Tama Sweet and Thomas Mulhern

Illustration: Kim Broström