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Last day of school for year 9

Breakfast, candy a show and a water fight!

As per tradition, the last day of school for year 9 started with breakfast in the teachers’ lounge. Afterward, the students of year 9 gave out candy to all the other classes, who were enthusiastic recipients.
Later, in the Theatre the two classes performed a show each, which showed a satirical view of their teachers as per Danish tradition. Awards were also given to students and teachers.
In the pictures, you also see the traditional rounders game between the teachers and students of year 9, which School Leader Peter Franklin refereed. This year, the students won by a mile.
The day ended with a water fight. With the sun warming everybody, no mercy was shown. All over at the school, teachers were watching to make sure everybody was playing fair, and that it was fun for all.

The next thing for the students of year 9 is to dry off, go home and get ready for their graduating exams, which start next week already.