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Motionsdag 2014

This fall Institut Sankt Joseph took part in the yearly event that promotes wellness known as "motionsdag."

Motionsdagen began in the school yard with some warmup dancing! The teams were composed of students from different class and grade levels. The students then processed to Fælledparken, where they participated in such diverse activities as “The Limbo”, mental gymnastics, gymnastics and even a little baseball.

The weather was beautiful, and the students from ISJ were joined by other students from nearby schools. The children took a well deserved lunch break at the park, before continuing the different activities of the day.

It was wonderful to see the older students assisting the younger ones, who progressively became a bit tired as the day rolled on.

The day ended with an assembly back in the school yard, where the children sang together. After a wonderful day and some fresh fruit as a parting treat, the children departed for “efterårsferie!”

motion14_IMG_5107 motion14_IMG_5192motion14_IMG_5436 motion14_IMG_5430