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Multicultural week

1st-4th grade students in the International Department recently spent a week working on exciting intercultural projects!

Last week, two of the International bilingual classes (1i and 2i) chose to work with different topics related to intercultural understanding. Teachers Auricia and Dennis worked with the students on the following projects throughout the week:

Monday: Intro to culture; Dennis and I created two books with activities for them to work on throughout the week.

Tuesday: African culture, Icelandic culture (presentations from parents, books, music, and more)

Wednesday: Italian culture (music, maps, videos)

Thursday: Danish culture (excursion to Statens museum for Kunst), World culture (Botanisk have)

Friday: Culture through food (students made traditional Danish dessert), and multicultural quiz, plus book presentations from students.


A very special thanks to our guest speakers and helpers: Phillipa Stasiuk, Jenna Stefansdottir and Stefano Zorzi and Kathryn Clarkson, who dedicated their time last week to helping the students understand and enjoy other cultures.