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The Alumni Bell has been unveiled!

The Alumni Bell has been unveiled!
  • The Alumni Bell,which will now hang in the schoolyard, has in the past hung at the top of the 4th floor stairwell and originally served as a communication method for the nuns that lived and worked at the school.
  • On June 7, 2013, all alumni, current and former employees were invited to the first ever  Summer Alumni BBQ.  During the evening, the bell was unveiled as the new Alumni “Oldies” Bell by teachers Lisa Dahl and John Axberg.  From this day forward the bell will be wrung by all incoming kindergarten students and wrung once again by students at graduation.
  • The bell is a symbol that welcomes new students to the Institut Sankt Joseph community on their first day of school and welcomes them again as a part of our alumni family when they have graduated.
  • Pictured from left to right are: Lisa Dahl, Sister Susanne Hoyos (board member), principal Peter Franklin and teacher John Axberg.