Move it!: Reducing Consumption

Move it!: Reducing Consumption

Der er stadig mere at fortælle om Move it!: Her er billeder fra gruppen som arbejdede med Verdensmål nr. 12

Peter Prasadam,  

The group focused on reducing consumption by thinking about how we could re-use waste items and share more. During the week recycled bread was used to make Romkugler, old clothes to make bracelets and  recycled paper and cardboard to make art. We used The Rainbow Story by Caroline Aksar to help understand how we should share what we have. All week we had a sharing shop, where children could bring in items they no longer wanted so that others could have them.

Our installation featured a string challenge to reflect mission possible to save the world. A globe was suspended with a safety net underneath. Visitors were invited to think of ideas to help save the  world and place them into the safety net.

Photo: Peter Prasadam