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Film Festival 2014

"En kuffert fuld af Minder" (A suitcase full of memories) takes first place in annual film festival

Film Festival 2014

Students in 7th grade recently participated in an annual film festival, which is a competition between Institut Sankt Joseph and Sankt Annæ school in Amager. The idea is that students work together and have a week to create a short film, which are then presented first amongst the classes and finally at the film festival finals. Each class selected two films that were presented in the final showing on Wednesday the 30th of May.

The film festival culminated in the final round. The four films were seen, critiqued and finally judged by a panel consisting of Nicolaj Daugberg and Agnete Paludan. In the end there could only be one winner and this year first place went to Elisabeth, Asta, Thea, Winghy and Athena from Institut Sankt Joseph´s 7.b class.

A special thanks to Sankt Annæ for there contributions, both in the film making process and the positive collaboration and support throughout the week. We look forward to next year!

Below is a link to the winning film, “En kuffert fuld af Minder.” Enjoy!

Se filmen her