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After School Program

SFO Liljen

The After School Program (SFO Liljen) is a program available for students when the normal school day comes to an end. After a long day at school, it is only natural that children need to “finish playing” in a safe and productive atmosphere.

We prioritize giving the children co-responsibility. That is why children in the After School Program decide independently, which activities they will participate in.

Children in our program will learn to make decisions and take responsibilty for themselves and others.

It is the responsibility of the educational staff that we provide an exciting program with varied activities, and it is also our responsibility to introduce said framework and activities to the children. Furthermore, we have to make sure that the children feel safe every day.

The After School Program is an important extension of our elementary school and shares closes ties with the elementary faculty and resources.

New children in Kindergarten

It is a big change for children, as well as their parents, to start at an After School Program. A new, bigger school, such as the After School Program, will replace the familiar and safe environment of pre school.

That is precisely why we spend a lot of time making sure that there is a smooth transition for every child during the first couple of weeks of the program.

The staff-student interaction at our After School Program is quite different than in pre school. Therefore, a great deal of self-reliance among the children will ease the transition from pre school to the After School Program. Thus, it is important that when the children begin the program they can do the following things:

– put on their jacket, when going outside.

– find their own lunchbox, when they are going to have lunch or going on fieldtrips.

– know where their clothes are.

– go to the bathroom

Practical information

As we have a lot of children in the After School Program, it would be a great help if you could write your child´s name in their clothes.

It would be a good idea to have a small bag of spare clothes in your child’s locker; as there is often a need to change socks etc…

As it rains a lot, it is also convenient to have waterproof clothes and galoshes.

We have an afternoon snack around 2:30pm.


It is possible to make arrangements for pickup by someone else other than the parent of the child. These fixed arrangements must be documented and will be noted down in our information booklet. With regards to this, we would like to be informed in advance; either personally, via phone, or via the parent intranet.

For more facts about about After School Program (SFO) click here.

We look forward to providing a wonderful After School Program for all!