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International Bilingual Program Evaluation


For students in the Bilingual department ongoing evaluation takes place for all grades, and more specific student plans are given out for students in Year 1- Year 9. The student plans are formulated in the autumn and spring each year. The student plan is the specific basis for the future meeting between the school and parents.

  1. School start- Autumn- Diagnostic testing / internal evaluations (ongoing)
  2. November – ”skole-hjem samtale” based on a written student plan
  3. Spring  “skole-hjem samtale 2” on a needs basis with written student plan.
  4. In 9th grade all students will take the Danish FSA exams in all subjects in May according to Danish statutory regulations.

Written progress reports deal with all subjects taught- both Cambridge based subjects, like Maths, Science, and English, and the Danish subjects.

Skole-hjem samtale

The “Skole-hjem samtale” is a 15-minute meeting focusing on each student. Each student´s parents, English, Maths, and Danish teacher meet to discuss the progress of the student.

The meeting focuses on a breakdown of the academic, social, and overall well-being of the individual child.

The skole-hjem samtale meeting is an oral evaluation, and is a part of an evaluation model that is used to monitor and assess each child.

Parent-Teacher Cooperation

The quality of communication between the school and parents is crucial to students’ well-being and learning at ISJ.

Therefore, we strive to maintain a cooperation based upon transparency and open dialogue between the school and parents

Evaluation in the Danish department:

For students between 1st –9th grade, student plans are formulated in the autumn and spring each year. The student plan is the specific basis for the future meeting between the school and parents.

In grades 1-7, students are tested anually by the school’s special education center, in the subject of Danish. The results are analyzed and communicated to the Danish teachers, who are given specific instruction regarding how to vary their lessons going forward.

In 7th-9th grade, students are evaluated according to the 7-point grading scale. This occurs three times a year. Additionaly, the teacher, for each subject, provides comments regarding the progress of each student.

Please note that students in the International Bilingual Department will be subject to differing progress reports. 

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