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Formation Project

Formation fundamentally involves

Formation Project

An interactive process where children are included in open and trusting relationships, and whereby the teaching staff have the desire and skills necessary to help open up the world to every child.

An inner acquisition and processing system, where children process the influences that he /she meets through interaction with the outside world. The starting point is the child’s experience and prior learning.

At Institut Sankt Joseph Copenhagen, we strive to bring the following formation ideals into reality:

  1. Every child shall be educated and formed in the values of community, democracy and equal human dignity.
  2. Every child shall have an understanding and an insight into other religions, nationalities, languages and cultures.
  3. Every child shall have self-awareness with a growing recognition of their own strengths and values.
  4. Every child shall use their abilities for the purpose of learning, creativity and proficiency.
  5. Every child´s worldview and belief-system shall be developed and made more mature.
  6. Every child will want to use himself for the benefit of other human beings and the world; in order to create more freedom, justice and peace.
  7. Every child shall have the ability and courage to make ethically founded choices, and know that choices have consequences.
  8. Every child shall leave the school with specific competences, courage to take on life and a desire for lifelong learning.
  9. Students from ISJ will be positive members of society by being polite and empathetic towards others.

Mission and Values of Institut Sankt Joseph in pictures

You’ll find this poster in every classroom:

Mission and Values of Institut Sankt Joseph poster