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Community Service

Community Service

Social service in 8th grade

At Institut Sankt Joseph Copenhagen, one of our formation ideals is: “Each child will want to use themselves for the benefit of his fellow man and the world; in order to promote greater freedom, justice and peace.”

As part of making this ideal a reality, ISJ has established a community service program that gives 8th grade students at our school an opportunity to cultivate this virtue through service. It is the school’s desire and hope to open students’ eyes to the values ​inherent in being something for other people, and we truly believe that community service helps children develop greater social awareness and responsibility.

Between weeks 2-12 (January and February), students are obliged to participate in two hours of unpaid social work per week. The service can be done at a variety of locations and consist of a variety of activities. For example, service includes visiting a stranger or friend at a nursing home, assiting at a pre-school or kindergarten, or helping the disabled amongst us.

“Each child will want to use themselves for the benefit of his fellow man and the world; in order to promote greater freedom, justice and peace.”

The internship can be done at any time during the week, as long the service takes place after regular school hours.

Once students have chosen where they want to fulfill their community serivce, the school contacts the relevant service location. We also contact the serivce partner once during the training period in order to evaluate the situation. When the internship is over, we will ask for an evaluation and feedback of the process from both the student and the partner.