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Student Events

Monthly Assembly:

Once a month, we have an assembly in the school gymnasium. All students and staff gather for one lesson; wherein, announcements are read, and there are vocal and musical performances by students and the staff-band.

Field Day “Motionsdag“:

Every year on the last Friday before autumn break, most schools in Denmark have an annual day of exercise. Every student at ISJ participates in this field day, where the activities vary year to year.

Disco party:

For students in Primary 2 (4th to 6th grade) a disco party is arranged every year. The party starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. Students eat at the school and enjoy a disco party in the Theatre Hall.


Every year, we celebrate Shrovetide for the students in Primary School. The children come to school in a costume of their choice, and “beat the cat in the barrel”, appoint a cat king and queen, and everyone can try the traditional rolls of Shrovetide.

Summer Barbecue:

In June, the school has a summer barbecue in the schoolyard for both Primary and Middle School students (kindergarten – 6th grade).

We light up the barbecue, , and enjoy the lovely grilled food; as well as, various activities in the schoolyard.


In June, when  final exams have been successfully completed, our 9th grade students leave the school and graduate from Institut Sankt Joseph Copenhagen.

It is an important day of celebration for everyone involved.  We gather at 6pm in the church for a short service and continue on in the Theatre Hall, where there is singing, speeches and presentation of diplomas.

After the gathering in the Theatre Hall, the newly graduated students  divide into their respective classes along with their parents and teachers, where they enjoy a lovely dinner together and say a proper goodbye.


For the newly graduated students, it will hopefully be a see you soon at our next alumni event!