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“Lunch Mass”

  • Every Wednesday at 11:20am the school hosts a “lunch mass”, where all students and staff are welcome to celebrate mass in the school chapel, and then eat lunch together in the room next to the chapel afterwards.

First Communion Preparation

  • The school offers a course for students preparing to receive the sacrament of first holy communion.

Feast Days

  • Special masses are held on feast days throughout the academic year

Advent Party

  • At the beginning of December, the primary school celebrates an Advent Party. At 5pm, students, teachers and parents gather at either Esajas kirke or Sankt Ansgar kirke for a church service.
  • Afterwards, everyone goes back to the school, where they dine in the classrooms.

Saint Lucia Celebration

  • Every year on December 13th, ISJ celebrates the Feast of Saint Lucia. This event includes a Saint Lucia parade around the school, which ends with a gathering in the Theatre Hall.

Candle Mass

  • Every February 2th, our school celebrates a“Candle mass.” (Kyndelmisse). For this event, students gather in the school yard, where every student is given a candle and proceed to process into the Theatre Hall, where they pray and sing songs and hymns together.