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“Lunch Mass”

  • One a week the school hosts a “lunch mass”, where all students and staff are welcome to celebrate mass in the school chapel, and then eat lunch together.

Feast Days

  • Special masses are held on feast days throughout the academic year

Advent Party

  • At the beginning of December, the primary school celebrates an Advent Party.

Saint Lucia Celebration

  • Every year on December 13th, ISJ celebrates the Feast of Saint Lucia. This event includes a Saint Lucia parade around the school, which ends with a gathering in the Theatre Hall.

Candle Mass

  • Every February 2th, our school celebrates a “Candle mass.” (Kyndelmisse). For this event, students gather in the school yard, where every student is given a candle and proceed to process into the Theatre Hall, where they pray and sing songs and hymns together.