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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees 2020-21

Tuition for the 2020-2021 International Department:

  1. First Child:                     DKK 3,170 per month   (5000 without Cpr number)
  2. Second Child:                DKK 2,378 per month   (4,500 without Cpr number)
  3. Third Child:                    DKK 1,585 per month   (3,500 without Cpr number)
  4. Fourth Child:                  Free

Note – There are 12 months in an academic year

Tuition for the 2020-2021 Danish department

  1. First Child:                     DKK 1,775 per month
  2. Second Child:                DKK 1,331 per month (25% reduction)
  3. Third Child:                    DKK 888 per month (50% reduction)
  4. Fourth Child:                  Free

Year 10: DKK 2585 per month and preepay of DKK 3000.

Note – There are 12 months in an academic year

Link: Danish department, Skolepenge

Tuition for the 2020-2021 After School Program:

  1. All Day: (7:00-8:00/12:55-5:00pm)    DKK 1,490 per month
  2. Morning: (7am-8am)                           DKK 550 per month

Note – There are 12 months in an academic year

School fees are divided out over a whole year (12 months), which is why Year 9 and 10 like everyone else also pays for the month of July, even though they have finished their time at ISJ.

Please Note:

  • We have financial aid options available to help cover the overall cost of tuition.
  • All Monthly payments of tuition fees and the after school program are made by signing up to pay by ”PBS” (Direct Debit). The office will send a Giro transfer form, containing the direct debit sign up information, along with payment details on the first instalment. In cases of failing to sign up for payment via direct debit, a charge of 50 DKK will be added to future instalments. Payments are prepaid in 12 monthly instalments. Payments for the after school program are made at the same time as tuition fee instalments.

Application Fee:

When a child is registered on the schools waitlist, a 2,000 kr. (non refundable) application fee is required.


The deposit for year 0-9 is the equivalent of 2 months tuition and will be refunded upon a student´s withdrawal from school, as long as all books are returned and tuition payments are current. For siblings a deposit equal to one month’s school fees is payable.

Withdrawal from the school:

Please inform the school office via this email.

Financial aid: Forældrefonden

New students are charged 35 kr., which goes to The Parents’ Fund. Families with multiple children will pay only for one child. The payment is voluntary, and you can unsubscribe by email to the school’s office.