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Admission Process

The admission process at Institut Sankt Joseph

Admission Process

To be eligible for admission for the bilingual program your child must meet the following criteria:

  • Must turn 6 in the calendar year to enter our Grade “0” (Nulte) Klasse.
    Eg. Child born in 2018 will be 6 sometime during 2024 and can therefore apply for “0” Klasse
  • Grades 0-2: Must be at a native level in either English or Danish, but at the very least in one of the two languages
  • Grades 3-9: Must be bilingual in both English and Danish

The admission process takes into account both the amount of spaces available, and the sex of the child, in order to secure an even proportion of male and female students.

Step 1 Complete the official application, on this page, along with a non-refundable DKK 2,000 application fee.

Step 2  Your application will be processed, and a decision will be made to call in your child for an admission interview. If your child is called in for an interview, we will request the most recent school report from the current institution of attendance.

Step 3  A final decision will be made regarding admission following the admission interview. At this time your child will either be accepted or put on the waiting list.

Step 4  If your child is accepted and you choose to finalise enrolment, you will be asked to pay a 2-month tuition deposit in order to secure your child´s spot for the upcoming school year.


NOTE! Upon payment, some currently experience that the transfer takes longer than normal. Therefore, please be patient. We are working on it. You will receive a confirmation by email that the payment has been completed.


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