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Our diverse student body is a microcosm for what is possible in Denmark. We are represented at our school by students from over 59 countries, who speak 33 different mother tongues. These facts help to transform and enliven our schools D.N.A.

We strive to give our students the ability to handle cultural complexity, both locally in everyday encounters and when they are “out in the world.” We believe that intercultural understanding entails a cultivation of knowledge, attitudes, feelings and behavior with regards to our fellow man. Students must be prepared to be an integral part of a globalized world and have the ability to socialize and develop positive relationships through different cultural encounters.

An intercultural perspective can be a catalyst for developing critical curiosity and openness. The ability to explore ideas about both other cultures and one´s own – and to be willing to reject prejudice and cultural mis-representations.

In order to foster an international atmosphere, we have sought out international partnerships and continue to seek out partnerships, in order to promote inter-cultural understanding.

International Bilingual Program

To read about our international bilingual program click here.


EU Comenius Program


“Responsibility for my fellow man and the world”

  • ISJ holds a bienniel event where we collaborate with different organisations in order to raise money for those less fortunate.

Move It! 2019