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The Library

Welcome to the Institut Sankt Joseph Library

The school library at Institut Sankt Joseph is an important part of the school’s learning environment and serves as a place where the school’s values, academic learning and educational areas are developed.

The school library is open everyday: monday-thursday 1.-8. lesson, fridag 1.-7. lesson. The library team: media supervisor, IT supervisor and school librarian are available during this time to help or provide guidance for all

The school library’s overall objective is to create an attractive space that has activities, which support teaching and learning for both students and the staff. A place where information, education and experience are prioritized.

The library is designed in such a way that there is a place for children and adults to experience the following:  learning with a focus on proper teaching and learning methods; an environment necessary to develop students’ ability to transform information into relevant insights and develop overall information and media literacy. Students should be able to seek out knowledge sources, get assistance with homework, work on projects and utilize different forms of  IT and media.

The school library also offers a  film workshop, which focuses on learning and cultural activities. This workshop enables students to participate activities, in order to create animation and short films. They have the opporunity to work with a Green Screen, play games, experiment, watch movies, enjoy lectures and participate in a film festival. School Library intermediary fiction through reading helps  creating experiences that include all cultural impressions-visual, auditory and multimedia, which help to enhance students’ interest in the surprising, funny, quirky content present in the materials.

The school library as a community center designed as a peaceful learning environment, whether it be during recess or after school. All are welcome to come and work on their homework and participate in the social activities occuring in our library!

The library’s website

The library has created a new website which is packed with material. There are plenty of resources for both students and teachers. At the new website you can check out what books are available to borrow, read book reviews, hear about the exciting activities at the library and much more.
All students and teachers are wellcome to visit the school library if they need to find materials or are simply seeking information. Come in and visit the library – and the new website.

The school library is open everyday: Monday-Thursday 1st – 8th lesson and Friday 1st- 7th lesson.