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Rules and Regulations

You have to take good care of the school, others and yourself!

Each student is encouraged to take care of the school, others and him/herself

The rules of conduct have been revised after discussions between the staff, management, student council and the board.

The purpose of these rules and other school policies is to create the best possible framework for our common life at the school.

  • All students in year 0-3 are to go outside during breaks.
  • All students in year 4-10 are allowed to stay indoors during breaks, unless otherwise decided by individual teachers/sport teams.
  • During the breaks at 10 am and 12 pm, students in year 4-6 have the opportunity to spend time in the gym or in the library. (Please see the attached schedules).
  • Students are not allowed to play ball, skip, run, etc. inside the school.
  • Students in year 4-6 are not allowed to use the smart board during breaks.

If considerate and careful, students in year 7-10 may use the smart boards.

Roller skates, scooters, skateboards or the like cannot be used on school premises.

  • Students are not allowed to climb on roofs. Only caretakers can retrieve balls from the roof.
  • It is only permitted to throw snowballs in the small yard alongside the building.
  • Students can only play with soft, plastic balls in the schoolyard.
  • Students in year 0-6 have lunch with their teacher.
  • Students in year 7-10 can leave the school during breaks.
Damages / accidents
  • Please inform the caretaker or the office immediately if windows, furniture, etc. have been damaged.
Mobile phones/


  • Year 0-3: Mobile phones must be switched off and placed in school bags during the entire school day (during lessons as well as breaks and in the after school program).
  • Year 4-10: Mobile phones may be used during breaks.

During lessons, mobile phones can only be used/be out if it has been previously agreed with a teacher. Failure to comply with this can lead to mobile phones being revoked. Normally, mobile phones can then be picked up from the school office at the end of the day.

In cases of repeat offences, the class teacher will contact the student’s parents.

  • Only by previous agreement with a teacher/management is it allowed to take pictures/film on school premises.
Morning song
  • Morning song is every morning at 8:00 am:

Students in years 0-5 meet in the theatre hall at 9.30.

Students in years 6-10 meet in the church at 8.00.

  • At morning song, bicycle helmets, caps, etc. have to be taken off.

At Christmas, we are happy to make exemptions for Santa hatsJ.

Toys, etc.
  • Bringing toys, etc. to school is at one’s own risk.
  • By law, students are not permitted to smoke on school premises or in close vicinity to the school. The class teacher will immediately be informed of incidents where students are smoking. In cases of repeat offences, management will also be informed.
Special subject rooms
  • Students can only be in the special subject rooms while under the supervision of a teacher.
  • The special subject rooms have to be locked up after use.
  • During breaks, the office corridor cannot be used as a passageway. Therefore, when using the main stairway during breaks, the front door will be used as exit/entrance.
  • When classrooms are vacated before other lessons or at the end of the day, books, computers, pencil cases, etc. are to be placed in the students’ bags or lockers.
Staying at the school before/after lessons
  • Students are allowed to be at the school from 7:50 am in the morning.
  • In the afternoon, students must leave the school no later than 15 minutes after lessons have finished. Unless they are signed up for the school’s after school program or are joining the homework café.

The social rules were elaborated based on discussions with teachers, management, the student council as well as the board. The purpose of the rules is to create the best possible surroundings for our everyday life together at the school.