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Parent-Faculty Cooperation

The quality of communication between the school and parents is crucial to students’ well-being and learning at ISJ.

Therefore, we strive to maintain a cooperation based upon transperancy and open dialogue between the school and parents


There is an annual parent meeting, which occurs at the beginning of each academic year. Additional meetings can be called if there is a perceived need form either the school or home.

With regards to the first meeting of the academic year, we will meet together in the auditorium for a general information presentation from the school leadership. Afterwards, each parent has the opportunity to meet with other parents from the same class, and hold an open dialogue.

Parent-Faculty Meetings

Parents are welcome to contact their child´s teachers and inquire about the general well-being and academic progress of their child if the situation calls for it. The school management is also available to assist parents in their inquiries.

Daily Contact

On a daily basis, parents can maintain contact with the school via the parent intranet system. This system is only suitable for short messages and questions. If there is concern that needs to be addressed immediately, please contact the school.

It can be a tremendous benefit to parents if they stay connected with regards to current events and news via the school´s website.

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