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10 days of giving

Information on 10 days of giving

10 days of giving

Under the heading “responsibility for our fellow man and the world” every second years we are having a major theme week.

The goal is, among other things:

Students understand the need that we all take responsibility for “fellow man and the world.”
The pupils experience the joy of giving something of there own / their time for the benefit of others.
To collect things (clothes, shoes, etc.) or money for a relief project.
Last time in 2013, the project entitled “Be the change” where we collected more than 100,000 kr.

With the overarching theme “responsibility for our fellow man and the world” and in light of the situation in Syria and the increasing number of those seeking refuge, we have chosen to give a number of activities this focus. The secondary school students will receive a visit from the general secretary of the Red Cross in Denmark, Anders Ladekar on the 30thSeptember. We have also decided that any profits made on our RUN will go directly to the Red Cross’ work with refugees in both Europe/Denmark and those in the areas near Syria.

More information


Logos for 10 Days of Giving can be downloaded/copied here in two versions.
They can be used on letters/in e-mails going out the house.
In addition, you can print a poster in A3 with the logo, see below.
The image of the banner below can be copied/downloaded just like the logo.
A Word letterform, which can be sent by e-mail, at the bottom.


10days_of-giving_logo_ill  10days_logo2_low150517_10days_banner_low

Poster A4

ISJ 10days of giving letter A4


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