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The school is dedicated to the use of IT in teaching, where it is integrated into all subjects.

We have invested in interactive “smartboards” for all classes. In addition, all of our teachers have been professionally trained in the use of these “smartboards.”

The school regularly utilizes laptops in teaching lessons.

The school library has desktop computers and a number of Apple computers, specifically programmed for media based education.

We have developed our own IT and media program, which sets the framework for IT learning and teaching at Institut Sankt Joseph Copenhagen.

We have an efficient wireless/WiFi network that runs throughout the entire school. This network also includes wireless printing.

All students from 3rd -10th grade may bring their own laptop to school, which can in turn be connected to the school’s wireless computer and printer network.

We have a full-time IT staff, which dedicates nearly all of its time to monitoring and maintaining our IT system.