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A scary story

A scary story- an author visits 2i

2i received a special visit today from Danish author Michael Dalsgaard Alstrup

In their Danish class, 2i has been reading Michael’s first book, “Dukkemor” (Doll mother), which is published by Gyldendal Dingo (Gys og Gru), and Michael came to read aloud from the book’s sequel, “Dukkemor vender tilbage” (Doll mother returns). The children enjoyed listening to the story and had the opportunity to ask Michael more about what it’s like being an author- for example, how and where he gets his inspiration (from everywhere and at any time, even when riding his bike!), when he started writing (as a child for roleplaying games), and about the process of writing and getting published. With some budding young writers in the class, there were a lot of interesting questions and equally fascinating answers. Michael told the class that the third and final book of the Dukkemor trilogy is currently in its artwork stage and is due out in September. We hope to have him back for a visit to read his third book for us!