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Faculty Development Plan

The teaching staff at Institut Sankt Joseph is currently working on the following theme: “Colleague guidance in relation to good teaching.”

To kick it off, we had an inspiring presentation by Mads Hermansen, who is a professor of educational psychology, and deals mainly with teaching and class management issues.

As a theoretical framework for good teaching, we have chosen to draw on the theory of the German Didactic, Hilbert Mayers, and his 10 characteristics of good teaching.

If you are interested in reading more about Mayer´s theory click here (DK)




This year we have discussed these characteristics in relation to our own teachers /educators’ teaching methods here at ISJ.

Our staff has recently had an introduction to “peer supervision”, and the plan is that teachers and educators – in groups of two – will “visit” each other and guide one another with regards to self-stated objectives for the development of their own teaching methods.

The goal of this project is to further develop the internal culture at ISJ, where teachers and educators systematiclly help one another to develop their own skills and practices.