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Financial Aid

Grants and Scholarships

Financial Aid


Under current law, students from kindergarten-ninth grade may apply for grants to help finance the cost of tuition. Application forms for the following school year are available at the school office from the 15th of August.

The grant is valid for the entire academic year.



Gerda Mottzens Memorial Scholarship:

Gerda Moltzen was a teacher at Jeanne D´arc school in Frederiksberg, where she had been a student. In the tragic bombings that occurred on 21 March 1945, Gerda Moltzen fearlessly went into the bombed out school to save as many children as possible from the burning buildings. She saved many children that day, but sadly passed away when the walls collapsed.  In memory of her heroic effort, the Gerda Moltzens Scholarship was established in 1988.

The scholarship is given annually to 3 students from Institut Sankt Joseph: two half-scholarships and one full scholarship – the latter is specifically earmarked for the daughter of a single mother. The school is very grateful to be able to assist our students with this scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must apply before the 15th of August.

Note – Stay tuned for additional scholarship opportunities that become available in the future