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Oldies Facebook Group has reached the 500-member mark

The school’s Facebook group for former pupils and employees has reached the 500-member mark

Since the group was launched in late 2012,  the number of “Oldies” that have joined has steadily grown, especially during the last year.

Many seek – and find – former class- or schoolmates, teachers and employees. They also exchange reminiscences and memories. Others look at the hundreds of photos from when it was an all girl school run exclusively by nuns and the pupils wore uniforms. Others see the “good old days”,  where people wore bell-bottomed pants or a bearded male teacher wasn’t  a ”hipster.”

One can also read about school reunions at ISJ that take place in the summer. And, of course, see the dozens of photos from the recent get-togethers.

Headmaster Peter Franklin once said the “The alumni are very important to ISJ,” that want to “maintain and further develop ISJ’s more than 155 year old community: a community started by the Saint Joseph Sisters.”

If you are an “Oldie,” pop in and experience a bit of nostalgia and a stroll down Memory Lane.

Text and pictures: Jan Olsen (Oldies)