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Institut Sankt Joseph hosts Comenius visitors

From September 8-12 Institut Sankt Joseph has the pleasure of hosting over 15 teachers and school leaders from Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Bulgaria

The comenius projec, is a european union funded initiative that t is meant to strengthen partnerships between European Union countries. The specific project that teachers from Institut Sankt Joseph and the other schools mentioned above are currently working on is entitled “When children and music meet.” This project deals with how music can strengthen learning in early primary education.

This is not the first time these teachers have collaborated together, as they have visited each other in different host countries over the past year.

Below are pictures from a special school assembly, where the visiting teachers and leaders were bid welcome with food and a traditional danish dance.

The comenius team at Institut Sankt Joseph is comprised of teachers: Kari From Andersen (0c), Dennis Oversø (1i) Hasse Carlsberg (3a) and Birgitte le Fevre Ryom (0b).



comenius14_IMG_6164 comenius14_IMG_6142