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Oliver Twist needs props and costumes

A new musical project comming up soon

Oliver Twist needs props and costumes

Dear Parents

Again this year we have a large-scale musical project for 6th-9th grade students coming up. It will take place on the 27th of March at 17:30.

This year we perform the musical “Oliver Twist” and, actually, we need a lot of props and costumes. Unfortunately, we can not afford to buy all the stuff needed.

So therefore, if You have any old furnitures not in use, clothes, lamps, fabric and the like, that you could imagine would be useable for the theater, we would be very pleased If You would donate them to the musical team.

If possible, You could leave the stuff in the theater after the morning song, or write to NZ or DO.

See You in the theater on the 27th of March!

The Musical team