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Our Senses

Getting to know each other - 1.a & 1.i

1.i. has had American student from DIS (Danish Institute of Study Abroad) Alyssa Pasch on an internship for the past few months. She has been working with integration/identity and language. As a final assignment, she designed a workshop for 1.a and 1.i during 1.a’s music lesson. Their activities all related to the senses- to hearing (the difference in length of time low and high tones can be heard), and listening to their own body (how the heart beats faster after motion vs. what their muscles feel like at rest). They also had an activity where they needed to draw on paper what their partner was drawing on their back. To finish off, the children sang ”Here comes the sun” together. The lesson was conducted in both Danish and English with good results. The children had fun and got to know each other a bit better.

Photo: Shellie Hansen