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  • The goal of our academic program is to provide a world-class education for our students, which is rooted in the rich Catholic-Humanistic tradition of education. Our academic program focuses not only on our students acheiving the highest marks, but also aims at developing thoughtful and caring students who take their lives, opportunities and choices seriously.

  • To this effect, we have set up our academic program in a way that encourages maximum student participation and learning through an interactive process between the teacher and students.

  • The school operates under a dual-track system, with a total of 22 classes, ranging from kindergarten through the ninth grade.  As of 2013, all classes are taught in Danish.

  • We have recently introduced a third track; wherein, we have three classes in kindergarten and first grade.

  • The school is currently organized into three departments:

 Primary 1-     Kindergarten to 3rd grade

 Primary 2-     4th to 6th grade

 Middle-         7th  to 9th grade

  • A Cambridge International department, consisting of primary and secondary English instructed education, is due to commence in August 2014.