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Summer party for parents, students and employees on18th June 2015

The big summer party had a nice turnout in spite of the weather

We had planned a picnic party in the schoolyard but had to improvised and move the dinner inside as it looked like rain. Thankfully, it cleared up and the sun came out so we could enjoy the entertainment on the stage in the schoolyard. Children’s’ choirs and teachers filled the air with song and music. Drinks and the new school shirt were on sale at a stall in the schoolyard. The shirts were very popular and several sizes were sold out. (Anyone who couldn’t get the size or colour they wanted, can still order it on the school’s website).

The summer party is a great opportunity for the parents, students and teachers to talk informally and enjoy each other’s company.
The party finished at 8pm and most people rushed home to watch the outcome of the national election on TV. A short but heavy shower finished the evening.