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Summer School Program

Summer Program 2020

Summer school will take place from 29th June – 10th July 2020. You can sign up for either one or two weeks.

Summer school is also open also to non residents of Denmark.

Age groups
5-7, 8-12

Prices (2020)
3000kr for 1 week
5000kr for 2 weeks

Application for 2020
Application 2020

General Programme 2020
We will still be making small adjustments as we go but the basic plan is as follows:

The hours of the summer school are 8.30-16.00 Monday to Friday
Every day: breakfast from 8.30-9-00 am We will provide juice, cereals, bread, cheese and jams.
Activities (sports, games, board games)
Field trips on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, leaving around 9.30 and returning between 15.00 and 15.30

Week 27 (29 June-3 July)
Monday: Ice breakers/introductions, Tour to Kastellet and Little Mermaid
Tuesday: Tour of Copenhagen incl. Waterbus, Round tower, Tøjhusmusset
Wednesday: Dyrehaven
Thursday: Frederiksborg Slot
Friday: Home BBQ and Østeranlæg

Week 28 (6 July- 10 July)
Monday. Ice breakers (new students starting) Tour to Fælleparken
Tuesday. Vikingeskibsmusset
Wednesday. Cirkusmusset
Thursday: Kronborg Slot (Helsingør)
Friday BBQ and tour to Rosenborg Slot

The tours are dependent on weather and therefore may be changed on the day

Orientation Packet for last year 2020:

Velkomstpakke 2020/Orientation Packet 2020

We look forward to welcoming your children into the programme.

Kind regards

Summer School Coordinators
Teacher James Malone, Teacher Lotte Terp