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Waiting List and Open Seats

Waiting List

Due to the realities of high demand, it is unfortunately not possible to enroll every child that applies to our school.  Therefore, we have establsihed a waiting list policy in order to offer children an opportunity to join the school if a spot becomes available.

The waiting list takes into account both the amount of space available, and the sex of the child, in order to secure an even proportion of male and female students. You are still encouraged to apply and join the waiting list, as admission trends and availability are constantly changing.

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, the International Bilingual Department prioritzes who are:

  • Short-term Expats who are staying in Denmark for a shorter period of time
  • Long-term Exapts and families of mixed backgrounds who plan to settle in Denmark for a longer period of time
Current Openings

International Bilingual Program 2017-18: Grades 3, 5-9

Families seeking admission for students in other grades are still enocouraged to apply for our waiting list