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The time for "10 Days of Giving" is fast approaching

Information on 10 Days of Giving

Preparations for the 10 Days of Giving are many, as one can se from the posts on this page.

A new, website for 10 Days of Giving, where parents, students, teachers and others can follow the activities is about to open. Up to this you will find information on our regular website.

Here is principal Peter Franklin’s letter (slightly abbreviated) to parents with important information:


Dear parents,

The time for “10 days of giving” is fast approaching, and we’re looking forward to it!
Below you will find some information:

With the overarching theme “responsibility for our fellow man and the world” and in light of the situation in Syria and the increasing number of those seeking refuge, we have chosen to give a number of activities this focus. The secondary school students will receive a visit from the general secretary of the Red Cross in Denmark, Anders Ladekar on the 30th September. We have also decided that any profits made on our RUN will go directly to the Red Cross’ work with refugees in both Europe/Denmark and those in the areas near Syria. (We had earlier advised that profits would be going to the school’s parent fund.)

Schedule for students during “10 days of giving”:

  • Wednesday (30/9) till Wednesday (7/10) every day 8am – 2pm.
  • Thursday 8th October 10am – 6:30pm.
  • Friday 9th October 10am – 2pm (Evaluation, clean up and happy Autumn Holiday!).

SFO will be open on all days outside the school hours; both morning and afternoon.

During “10 Days”, morning song assembly will follow this schedule:

Wednesday: Combined assembly 10am (i.e. no assembly at 8am)
Thursday: Primary (0-3) in the theatre
Friday: Middle school (4-6) in the theatre
Monday: Secondary (7-10) in the theatre
Tuesday: Primary in the theatre
Wednesday: Middle school and Secondary in the theatre
Thursday: General rehearsal for all grades 10:15am
Friday: No assembly

You will hear directly from the teachers in regards to the activities your children will be participating in.

Program for Thursday 8th October:

3pm: Open house for parents and siblings, and pick up of T-shirts for the run.

4:30pm: Performance/assembly and song in the school yard and departure to Kastellet.

5:30pm: the “10 days of giving” RUN kicks off.

6pm: lottery draw and close.

The run:

  • Registration for the run is via intra under ”tilmeldinger til arrangementer” (registration for

arrangements. If you have children in multiple classes, you can register the whole family
via one class.

  • Price 75 kroner per participant (includes T-shirt, water, fruit).
  • Profits (approximately 25 kroner per participant) donated to the Red Cross.
  • Registration/purchase is binding.
  • (At our last event “Be the change”, we had more than 700 participants!)
  • As we need to order T-shirts in good time, the deadline for registration is Friday 2nd October.
  • Payments can be made on collection on Thursday 8th October at 3pm. We accept cash, Dankort and Mobilepay.

In relation to all of our activities, we would like to request the following:

  • Shoes (We are collecting all types/sizes for the project “Shoe-aid”, which will ensure that the

shoes are sent to Syria.)

  • All types of children’s toys for the primary school’s children’s flea market (Drop off: In 1.b on the 1st floor of the annex building).
  • Flea market items. Anything that can be sold is of interest. From Thursday 1st October, items

can be dropped off under the roofed area of the schoolyard by the “LOPPE” (flea) sign.

From Monday 5th October to Thursday 8th October in the 10 o’clock and 12 o’clock recess periods, popcorn, carrots etc. will be available for purchase for 5 kr and 10 kr. Proceeds go to the Red Cross.

At the open house on Thursday, there will be a café. There will be coffee, beer, water.
snacks and other treats available.

See you on the 8th October at 3pm for the open house with student exhibits, music, the café, the flea market, and last but not least, our big “10 days of giving” run on the banks of Kastellet.

Med venlig hilsen

Peter Franklin