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School Liability Insurance

The school has a statutory liability insurance in order to ensure that school staff are protected when they take children out into the city during school hours.

It is permissable that students between 7th-9th grade can leave the school during school hours and recess. If any incident occurs during the aformentioned time,  this does not fall under the liability insurance of the school.  In a case like this; insurance coverage can be provided through parent´s accidental coverage, (which covers property of the student) , or a standard family insurance (which covers property damage done to another.) If no such coverages exist, there will unfortunately be no coverage accessible.

Institute Sankt Joseph has a collective accident insurance (it is not compulsory, but the school has chosen to purchase this in order to better protect students). This insurance covers accidents that occur on school property, and accidents that occur when students are on a trip or other school sanctioned activity during school hours. This insurance does not cover any non-sanctioned activity that occurs during normal school hours.

The school recommends that parents always take out accidental and liability insurance for their children.