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Flea Market and Auction at I.S.J Copenhagen

Flea Market and Auction at I.S.J Copenhagen
In connection with our theme week “Be the Change”, we need your help!
Institut Sankt Joseph will be holding a flea market on Thursday 12/09 and Friday 13/09.
In connection with this event, we kindly ask that you come with everything – big or small- that you could offer to our flea market, and deliver these things in the Main Hall beginning Wednesday 04/09 during regular school hours.
If you have special items that are particularly suited for the auction, you can bring them to the office and drop them off with Bente.
We accept everything from clothes, porcelain, jewelry, toys, furniture, books and art.
So clear out the basement and attic, and come be a part of our wonderful project that is helping to raise money for nomadic children in Niger.
Best regards from the “fleamaret and auction tent”
Louise, Pernille and Pia