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Follow "Be the Change" throughout the Day!

Follow "Be the Change" throughout the Day!
  • Every morning during our theme week; students, teachers and parents have been meeting for a morning assembly in the school yard. The parent turnout has been tremendous, as evidenced by the photo above. In addition to a welcome greeting, and common blessing, the children are practising the chorous for the theme song of the event, aptly titled “Be the Change!” For a preview of the song, listen here.
  • After the singing of our “morning song”, the pupils and teachers have divided into their respective groups to work on their projects.
  • The students and teachers that are part of the media tent are hard at work spreading information and have created a special website to create a user friendly experience for the event.
  • On our specially created site, can you see a daily edition of news and a video diary. It will be published every afternoon with fresh footage from the day.
  • Please also note that we have a newspaper wall in the hallway in front of the library. Here you can read about news from the day and keep up to date if you do not have access to the webpage.