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Graduation ceremony for year 9, 25th June 2015

The graduation party was opened with an ecumenical service in our newly decorated church with Rev. Christian Madsen of the Danish people’s church and Father Daniel Nørgaard of the church of St. Ansgar.
The students received their graduation certificates from school leader Peter Franklin in the theatre. Each student was also given a book on the ideas of Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard by Johannes Sløk as well as an ISJ annual mug to remind them of the year they graduated from the school.

In his speech to the students, school leader Peter Franklin spoke of Dag Hammarskjöld. ISJ is located on the street with his name. He was the secretary general of the United Nations in 1953-61 and an inspirational character, whose ideas align nicely with the Value Formation of our school.

Afterwards, the students of year 9 rang the Alumni Bell to mark the transition from being a student to becoming a member of our alumni organisation. This way the connection to the school is not cut entirely. The Alumni Bell is permanently placed in the schoolyard and is used for students entering and exit from the school. Previously, the bell was placed at the top of the main staircase where the sisters lived. They used it as a signal.

The evening finished with a nice dinner for teachers, students and parents in the teachers’ lounge.

Pictures from the graduation: John Axberg