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Mission and Values of Institut Sankt Joseph 19/3 2018

Monday 19th March is Sankt Josephs dag

On Monday 19th March- Sankt Josephs dag – we are going to celebrate ourselves and our wonderful school. All classes will meet from 8.00 – 13.40.

The classes will be working from our nine value based pictures that you have seen around school, and which are present in each classroom. Each class will use the pictures to discuss and work with the values to see what is relevant to create meaning; to create a comradeship and also a shared vision with regards to being a member of the ISJ school community.
We will have a service in Sankt Joseph’s church on the 2nd floor and will end up in the school playground to inaugurate our newly created replica of the Chartres labyrinth.
I attach a copy of the notice we sent out earlier during the year to all of you regarding the labyrinth.

As it happens, we will also be marking that ISJ is turning 160 years this year. Congratulations!

The 9 pictures Mission and Values of Institut Sankt Joseph as pdf:
Missons and Values ISJ_english (pdf-fil)