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Inauguration of our labyrinth on Saint Joseph's Day 19/3 2018

The labyrinth is a replica of the “Labyrinth of Life” in Chartres Cathedral in France

On Saint Joseph’s Day, 19/3 2018, we are working with Mission and Values of Institut Sankt Joseph, and we will end up in the school playground to inaugurate our newly created replica of the Chartres labyrinth.

Here is what Peter Franklin previously wrote about the labyrinth;

A labyrinth in the schoolyard:
Our schoolyard is coming in for a strong finish, – albeit a little delayed, as digging was required to ensure fibre network connection to the gym.

To finish off the whole project, a giant labyrinth was completed in the middle of the schoolyard. The labyrinth is a replica of the well-known “Labyrinth of Life” in Chartres Cathedral in France. It measures 12.85 metres in diameter, and the walk to the centre of the labyrinth is 261 metres long. It is from the 13th century and symbolises the individual’s intricate path through life- a path that hopefully brings the seeker closer to both himself / herself and to God. To this day, the labyrinth is used in Chartres. Every Friday, the church pews are moved to the side after which the residents of Chartres are able to walk through the labyrinth – in thought, meditation and prayer.

The labyrinth can be seen as a good example of what we aim for for the students in an educational sense. We would like to equip them to be able to reflect and choose in the “labyrinth of life” in terms of opinions, direction and faith. It is thus a great wish on the school’s part that our students are anchored by what they learn at ISJ, so that later in life, they cannot stray too far. And so here are the last words on the Chartres labyrinth: One is brought forward through the intricate paths. Sometimes close to the centre and sometimes far from it. But get lost- that cannot be J.

We will be working on teaching materials for the labyrinth that can be used in philosophy in middle school / mellemtrinnet. It can also be used in lots of games in the breaks.