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Summer School Program 2014

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This summer Institut Sankt Joseph, a private school in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, continued its unique bilingual (Danish and English) summer program, which promotes language acquisition through activity content. The program in only its 2nd year has already doubled in size, with over 100 children in attendance from July 14-August 1st. The program focuses on Danish and English as a second language, sports, theatre, cooking, arts and crafts, cultural excursions and community service in the local area. The ISJ summer program is designed to encourage personal growth, internationalization, integration and allow students to develop specific abilities over the summer holiday.
One of Institute Sankt Joseph´s formation ideals, which are deeply rooted in the Catholic-humanistic tradition, is that students take responsibility for their fellow man and the world. The school believes that it is vital that this ideal is developed through service. Thus, one of the key components of the summer program is that students and teachers work together on community service projects in the local community. The goal of the summer service initative is for students to see how their work, even during the summer holiday, makes a real difference in the local community. This year the students worked at two locations: Hellerup Strand and Plejecentre Kjærbo.. The service took place a couple hours every week and has given younger children and older children alike the ability to give back in a positive surrounding.

The school looks forward to continuing to provide programs designed to encourage integration, language acquisition and giving back through cultural exposure, teamwork, physical exercise and artistic expression.