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The Pope is going to Malmø, and we are too!

The entire secondary school is going to the Pope’s mass in Malmø on November 1st 2016. The Pope will be in Lund on the occasion of the anniversary of the Reformation.

The Pope is going to Malmø, and we are too!

For the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, an ecumenical service is being held on Monday October 31st with participation from a number of prominent figures: the Pope, bishops, priests, politicians, cultural figures etc.
The Pope has decided to remain in Sweden an extra day and hold a 9:30 a.m. mass in Swedbank stadium in Malmø, which has room for 30,000 participants.

During the autumn holiday, we received confirmation that ISJ would receive 210 tickets, and so it was decided that our entire secondary would be attending.  It will be a great experience for everyone. Pope
Francis has in particular made his mark felt beyond the boundaries of the Catholic Church. To name but one example, he was invited to give the opening speech at the Europa parliament in 2014. His main topic was the protection of human dignity, which he stated was the EU’s greatest task- a rehumanisation of Europe, if you like.

There will therefore be more than enough to discuss with the students in Religion, Danish and Social Studies both before and after the mass on Tuesday.

Photo: Student photo from the 8th graders trip to Rome 2014