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A visit to the theatre

Recently one of our 6th grade classes travelled to Det kongelige teater to enjoy a showing of "Breakfast med Bournonville."

A visit to the theatre

On March 11 2014 our sixth grade class 6.b set out for The Royal Theatre to watch the ballet performance ”Breakfast with Bournonville”.

Scenes from works created by the famous founder of The Royal Danish Ballet, August Bournonville, were performed and interpreted by young dancers from the childrens corps de ballet, Kompagni B adding their own ideas and youthful energy.

In a fine mixture of classical and modern ballet they displayed their dreams of dancing the great ballets and perhaps at the same time inquired after our dreams. They showed us how dreams can come true if accompanied by ability, discipline, effort, ambition and most of all passion.

The title Breakfast with Bournonville certainly lived up to its title. We were offered a delicious breakfast with homemade bread, juice and fruit. Pupils dressed like chefs, served us the meal and the breakfast table was presented in the beautiful Mirrorhall of the theatre.

Everything seemed magical, dreamy and fascinating. To experience the interior of Old Scene with plushsofas, the royal box, ceilingpaintings, decorations and the gigantic chandelier was of course a real treat for all of us in 6.b..

Tekst and photo by: Louise Knudsen