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The Swedish ambassador came for a visit

Unveiling of portrait of Dag Hammarskjöld, with the Swedish ambassador and the priest from the Swedish Church in attendance.

Saturday 11/3 2017: Outside the school the Swedish and Vatican flags could be seen flying side by side. It was beautiful and unusual, but not without reason.

The theme day on Catholic humanistic formation for the school’s teachers and educators began with a visit to the Carmelite order, and continued back at school with the unveiling of a painting of the man of the day, Dag Hammerskjöld. This took place in the presence of the Swedish ambassador to Denmark, Frederiks Jørgensen and his wife, and the parish priest from the Swedish Gustav Church, Thomas Stoor. The painting is a portrait and takes inspiration in the matters that concerned Dag Hammarskjöld during his life. The work was created by Kim Broström, an artist and teacher at the school.
After an introduction by the principal, Peter Franklin, the Swedish ambassador spoke about Dag Hammarskjöld and his significance. Thomas Stoor spoke of Hammarskjöld as a mystic, and also of his religious thoughts. Ditte then took charge of the unveiling of the portrait, which Kim spoke about in terms of the symbolism and motivation behind his work. The portrait is now hanging in the main entrance to the school.

All students have got a postcard with the painting and a short text about Dag Hammarskjöld and Institut Sankt Joseph. Link.

Foto: Hasse Carlberg