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"Be the Change" Charity Run in Kastellet

"Be the Change" Charity Run in Kastellet
Institut Sankt Joseph, in partnership with Caritas, will be holding a “Be the Change” charity race, which aims to raise support and awareness for the Caritas project of building schools in Niger, will be held in Kastellet Thursday September 11th at 5pm.
The race is open to all students, parents, and other family members. All are encouraged to run, walk or simply come out and support the good cause. A registration form is available in all classes. This form is to be returned to the class teacher, including a shirt size selection.
We are very happy that the Citadel commander specifically authorized our run on the Citadel ramparts. The beautiful surroundings will certainly make it a very special experience for all.
It is very convenient that the race can be held within this designated safe area, so traffic and safety concerns are not an issue. That being said, the race starts, for practical reasons, just outside the citadel, on the lawn across from Langeliniebroen.  From the starting position, the race will continue into the Citadel through Norway sport.
Sign up for the race today and  run for this truly good cause!