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Cultural trip to Florence

The school staff in Florence

The school’s teachers and staff have just been on a trip to Florence, which was part of the Development Group’s work with “ISJ philosophy 2015-17”. Our school has its foundation in a Catholic Christian humanistic vision, where the evangelic spirit of freedom and love are alive, as is stated in the school’s values. The teachers and educators have met several times to learn about and discuss how this philosophy can be translated into actual practice on a busy school day.

A recurrent theme has been the renaissance, its art and the new vision of human nature that arose during that period. Florence was therefore an obvious choice for an educational cultural trip. Here were the possibilities for seeing the groundbreaking works of Masaccio, Fra Angelico, Michelangelo and many other artists who expressed the renaissance ideals in painting and sculpture, and which today are recognized as some of the great masterpieces in the world of art.

Full of impressions and lovely Italian food, the teachers and staff have returned home with newly found inspiration.