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DISNAC Football tournament

ISJ sent 3 teams to the annual senior boys football tournament

Coaches report

ISJ sent 3 teams to the annual senior boys football tournament hosted by Copenhagen international School in the U12, U14 and U16 categories. This year proved to be challenging for the U14 and U16 teams who came 2nd and 1st last year as most other teams had a full year advantage. However, I was really impressed with all the team’s resilience and determination when faced with tough opposition and challenging conditions. I am already excited about next years’ competition and I am hoping  we can bring a few trophies back with us! I would also like to Wamwati Noah’s dad in 6i for helping support the teams and me on the day.

Match report from U12 Vice Captain Shivank

In the morning we took the train from to Ryparken station. For about 30 mins we did some warm-up. In our first match we lost 6-0 In our second match Christian scored 2 goals, I scored 1 goal and Max saved some goals, but we lost 4-3. In our last game the score got tied to 4-4. Christian scored 6 goals and probably won the golden boot if there was one!

Match report from U14 Captain Alex 6i

6i played three games we won one and lost two. We won the first game 3-2, second game we lost 11-1 to some giants and the next game we were leading 2-1 then they scored a free-kick and with 30 seconds left they scored due to a defensive error!

Match report from U16 Captain Leo

It was fun tournament even though we had to play U16. Our opponents were clearly taller and stronger than us but we all played our best and had lots of fun and we even managed to win our first game. Unfortunately, after this win our goal keeper got injured so we had to improvise and find another keeper for the last two games. I was also a little upset my younger brother scored 6 more goals than me

Foto: Oliver Eaton