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Grade 0 celebrate 1st school day

Thursday the 13th of August marked the first school day for 75 children in year 0 at Institut Sankt Joseph!

The first day of school is a special day for all students and families involved! For the families gathered last week, this special day will always be Thursday August 13th 2015. On this day their son or daughter started their journey at Institut Sankt Joseph.

The first day program started in the gymnasium, where headmaster Peter Franklin welcomed the new students and families, and proceeded to share his own first school day memory. After singing a song and hearing a performance from one the school´s 3rd grade classes, the students and famlies went out into the school yard for the ceremonial ringing of the “alumni bell!”

The alumni bell hangs in the school yard all year round; but three times of year, the first school day for grade 0 and the graduation days for 9th and 10 grade, the bell is wrung to symbolise the continuous journey of starting school as a student, and then being part of the school as an alumnus. This symbolic gesture binds the journey of the student and lets every child know that they will always be a part of a community at Institut Sankt Joseph.




Photos: Hasse Carlberg and Kim Broström