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Our trip to Mindelunden

7.i: Trip to Mindelunden for our history Fagdag 19/11 2020

We began our day at school with some film clips from filmcentralen which Mindelunden has highlighted as important to know, and after that we went on our way. At Mindelunden we had some activities at the different key areas and we had time to explore the names, ages, proffessions and memorial quotations of those remembered there and disscussed them. We left briefly for lunch in Ryvangens naturpark where there was much weilding of the largest “sticks”/branches I have ever seen. It is wonderful that so many of them can still take time out to play.

When we came back to Mindelunden after lunch, we met with Axel our guide, who was the most sprightly and young 83 year old I think any of us have ever met. Within moments he had the students hooked onto every word, and paired with the interesting and well reflected upon questions from them, I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. So much, that he also felt comfortable to divulge some of his own experiences, which he explained was not normally what he did. He also kept a fast tempo, in information and physical pace, so there was no time to dawdle or you would miss out. This kept the whole class hooked for the full hour which passed so quickly. For me as a teacher, Axel was just an inspiration to watch. I was equally transfixed by Axel and his information which is why I only managed to snap two photos (attached) of the day.

Photos: Charlotte Knappe